Program & Info

The 52nd Annual PRAASA is upon us and we look forward to seeing everyone in Irvine! Please check this page for program and event information.




Food Information

  •  Cash Sales Food Carts will be stationed in the hotel hallways – Menu
  •  Food Trucks will be available throughout most of the weekend in the Irvine Marriott
    parking lot
  • Floe Lounge is the Irvine Marriott restaurant
  • Meal Ticket Legend
     Saturday Night banquet (Vegetarian) Green
     Saturday Night banquet (Chicken) Yellow
     Saturday Night banquet (special) White
     Saturday Lunch Buffet (AI-Anon) Blue
     Saturday Lunch Buffet (Past-Delegate) Purple
     Saturday Lunch Buffet (Delegate) Red

Registration Packet

Coming Soon